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Working with Kry10

Jason Fox
October 27, 2020
November 4, 2022

As the Kry10 development team (Boyd and Kent) continue making progress on the Kry10 Secure Platform, we are now working closely with a few clients to bring their secure devices up on the platform.

Once the platform is generally available, we’ll offer scaling services and support, but for now if you think your project needs a high degree of security, robustness and performance, please contact us to see if it is a good fit.

As we work with clients, we go through several phases.

Problem Discovery

You’ll meet with the founders to outline the parameters of your connected device. We help you to further unlock the digital complexity and potential of any project. If it’s a new device or a machine that is connected and requires high assurance then we will share our insights on how to do it and then how best to sort it.   


We collaborate to gain a deeper understanding of your business, including existing hardware, legacy code, compliance requirements and the wider project. We detail the technical features of the KOS operating system and the client provides an overview of their device and future tech requirements.


Next, we agree to produce a scope to integrate KOS taking into account your budget, timeline, and technology. We’ll spell out everything you need to know in this scope: features, product architecture, any design or technical challenges, risk areas, success criteria, who does what and our roadmap to get you there.


Once you’re happy with the scope, we’ll start designing and developing your solution. As part of the process, we’ll create a comprehensive overview that describes every important step that has been taken.


The device is now finished. It is secure, robust, runs reliably with speed and is assured. Ongoing updates are seamless and the device is so functional you wonder why the world doesn’t develop all connected devices like this - and then you remember, that’s exactly why you chose to work with Kry10 in the first place.